Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield

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Our mission
  • to acquire and preserve natural resources for use and enjoyment by present and future generations
  • to preserve and protect wildlife areas and historic sites
  • to educate the public about the wise use of our natural resources
  • and to work with other organizations having similar goals and objectives.


Established in 1971 to Preserve Mansfield's
Natural Resources for Future Generations



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Devil's Rock Mystery solved?

 Perhaps. For years, how Devil's Rock got its name was a mystery. It was said that somewhere on the rock are the hoof prints of Satan.
The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield offered a reward of a year's membership to anyone who found the devil's hoof prints.
Just last week, Rich Price of Mansfield took up the quest and discovered what may be the hoof prints. He took a picture of what could be proof. You be the judge. Did he find the actual hoof prints, or are they somewhere else on Devil's  Rock?
The reward still stands, though we gave Rich the benefit of the doubt and rewarded him with a membership.

Devil's Rock Marks

This spring, take a walk in our Great Woods Conservation Area and see for yourself..From the Judy's Lane entrance, the "Cobbler's Trail" (yellow) runs past "Cobbler's Corner" and on to Taylor's Hill. It ends at the Fisher Trail. Devil's Rock is located on the western side of the Great Woods "Cobbler's Trail, just past Taylor Hill. Other trails include Taylor Trail€¯ (grey), which starts just past Cobbler’s Corner, runs parallel to the Rumford River, and rejoins the Yellow Trail at Taylor’s Hill. The Fisher Trail €¯ (purple) starts just before Taylor’s Hill and rejoins the yellow trail near its end. Maps are available from this web site. Great trails for a short walk!

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