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Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield

Plymouth Street Conservation Area

Established in 1971 to Preserve Mansfield's Natural Resources for Future Generations.

Our mission
  • To acquire and preserve natural resources for use and enjoyment by present and future generations;
  • to preserve and protect wildlife areas and historic sites;
  • to educate the public about the wise use of our natural resources;
  • and to work with other organizations having similar goals and objectives..

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The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield  could not exist without its strong base of members, donors and volunteers.
Your membership and contributions comprise the majority of the Trust's annual operating budget.


Margaret Danehy2

Scholarship chair Deborah Snyder
with winner Maggie Danehy

The Leonard F. Flynn Environmental scholarship for 2019 was awarded to Mansfield High School senior Margaret Danehy, who plans to pursue a degree in environmental engineering at the University of New Hampshire. In her senior year, Maggie became especially interested in marine biology. She learned of the harmful impact climate change has on coral reefs, and she became interested in projects that create artificial reefs to preserve aquatic habitat.
In her senior year, Maggie was a student in Advanced Placement Biology. Aside from academics, Maggie showed her commitment to the environment through a variety of activities. She created and posted flyers in school and around town to increase awareness of problems climate change causes on coastal communities. She started a petition asking Dunkin donuts to end the use of Styrofoam cups because of their harm to the environment.
We wish Maggie luck in her future endeavors.

NRT  Awards at Annual Meeting

An award for his 6 years of Service as vice president was given two Jerry Huiskamp

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Our  “Golden Puttin’ up sign post “” award went to Stewardship Director Colin Cauldwell for his work installing signs and boardwalks.

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