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Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield

Plymouth Street Conservation Area

Established in 1971 to Preserve Mansfield's Natural Resources for Future Generations.

Our mission
  • To acquire and preserve natural resources for use and enjoyment by present and future generations;
  • to preserve and protect wildlife areas and historic sites;
  • to educate the public about the wise use of our natural resources;
  • and to work with other organizations having similar goals and objectives..

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The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield  could not exist without its strong base of members, donors, and volunteers.
Your membership and contributions comprise the majority of the Trust's annual operating budget.



The NRT presented seven 50th anniversary awards to members who joined the organization in 1971 and remained involved for 50 years.

Awards went to:

Lou Andrews who served as treasurer, vice president and is current president.

Marydee Flynn who served as a director from our founding.

Meredith Holford who served as secretary, and director.

Janice Meszoely who served as president, and as director from our founding

Jane Sheehan, charter member, who served as secretary, and director from our founding.

Annette Shaw and Anna Prohodsky who are founding members and continued their support for 50 years.

A special thanks to all.

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50 years


Our trail systems are being used this year more than ever.  The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield (NRT) is proud to be the major mover, over the past 50 years, in establishing the many trail systems in Mansfield. A majority of the land, trails, bridges, and boardwalks are there through the efforts of the NRT and its members.

Having access to local trails and open space, and not having to travel, can reduce your chances of exposure to COVID-19, as long as you practice social distancing and wear a mask when near others. 

If you are not aware of all our walking trails, visit this site’s Trails tab.

Please help us continue our efforts for the next half century by joining or donating to the NRT.


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