Why Donate Land

As a landowner you may wish to donate land to the Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield for one or more of the following reasons:

a) Your property has a high appreciation in value
b) You want to reduce your real estate tax burden
c) your property is no longer used or wanted
d )Your property is considered unbuildable and has conservation value
e) You possess a conservation ethic and would like to see the property protected in perpetuity


Donating land to the Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield is the simplest form of permanent land protection. An added benefit is that the land will be managed and protected in perpetuity by a conservation organization.

a) It’s simple
b) It permanently protects open space
c) The fair market value of the property is generally tax-deductible
d) The real estate tax burden is eliminated
e) The size of the estate is reduced, thereby reducing future state and federal tax consequences

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