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Levine award A

Award for new
Plymouth Street Trails

NRT President presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Gary Levine for his work on the Plymouth Street trails.
Gary’s effort over the years resulted in creating a loop trail at Plymouth Street.  Please take the time to visit. Trail map


  • Annual Town Meeting
    May 15th High School
  • Family Fun Night
    July 10th
    6-9 PM Downtown Mansfield


Pine award A

Have post hole digger will travel.

Stewardship Chairman Colin Cauldwell present the first, and probably the last, “Golden Post Hole Digger Award” to Steve Pyne. Whenever we have a new sign to install - who do we call? Steve Pyne.  Steve is aways available to help.

2018 - KMB (2)

NRT members removed trash from the Cpl. Hardy Conservation Area as a part of the Keep Mansfield Beautiful event on April 28th
(l-r) John Russo, Sharon Friedman, Steve Spink,, Michele White, Sally and Will Fehervarii

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