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Dorothy York
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The Dorothy L. York Conservation area was gifted to the Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield in 1997, and dedicated to Mrs. York in 2011. It contains 25 acres with woods, ponds, and streams. The entrance is on Branch Street near the corner of Ware Street.  There is a bollard and posts at the entrance. The property is still open to the public for walking with parking in front of the entrance. NRT was compelled to install the bollard because individuals were driving onto the trails

There are three trails.

The red “loop” trail starts at the entrance. It is a wide trail about 1/3 of a mile in length. The 1/3 of a mile orange trail starts in the middle of the red trail. There is a small foot bridge that crosses a stream. The trail continues through the woods then peters out, but still worth the walk. The white trail is a work in process. We plan to expand this trail to join up with the orange trail.


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