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Bridge Replacement Campaign

NRT VP Colin Cauldwell working on the new bridge.

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Completed bridge

Rumford River Bridge 2010

The telephone poles installed in 1978 finally gave way in 2010.

NRT takes on rebuilding the Rumford River footbridge

The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield (NRT) has completed their fund raising campaign to replace the footbridge across the Rumford River at Judy's Lane.

The campaign was kicked off by a generous donation of $3000.00 from Mr. John Southard  The NRT Board of Directors voted to contribute an additional $1,500.00 and the NRT received a $3000.00 grant from the Mansfield Non-Profit Gift Fund

The bridge is the only public access to the northern portion of the Great Woods Conservation Area and is presently unusable and closed.

Natural Resources Trust volunteers Leonard Flynn, Lou Andrews, Tom and Howard Fiske, Stephen Holford and Eric Butler built a new bridge across the Rumford in 1978, using two town-donated utility poles as girders, with a wooden walkway and protective railings.  In the mid-nineties the bridge was restored with new decking and rails by former DPW Director Dan Clifford and a crew from his department. Recently the railings have been broken away and one of the supporting girders has snapped, allowing the bridge to sag to one side and causing the bridge to be condemned. With the current economic conditions the town budget can not fund the reconstruction of the bridge so the NRT decided to take on the project to replace it. "This time we plan on using two steel girders and pressure treated decking", said NRT President Lou Andrews. "We are hoping the public will donate enough funds so we can reopen the trail system off Judy's Lane".


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1978 Rumford River Bridge Construction (11)

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