The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield

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  • New bridge on York Conservation Area
  • New bridge over Rumford River
  • Facilitated the transfer of 50 acres of land at Gilbert Street rear to the Conservation Commission.
  • 150 acres in The Great Woods to NRT and the Norton Land Preservation Society from Fleet/Boston Financial.
  • 23.7 acres off Mill Street from the Flint Family Realty Trust .
  • 3.2 acres in The Great Woods from the Eagan and Turinese Families.
  • 3.96 acres in The Great Woods from Allen Brown.
  • 3.5 acre Conservation Restriction in the Great Woods to the NRT from Fleet/Boston Financial
  • 17.1 acres In the Great Woods from Norman K Freeman
  • 22.27 acres in the Great Woods from Arthur J Freeman
  • 94.13 acres on Plymouth Street and Forbs Boulevard from Cabot Partners
  • 7.18 acres in the North End on Charles Street from T. Mahoney
  • 6.8 acres in Maple Park from Thomas J Crowell
  • 25 acres on Branch and Ware Street from Dot York
  • 3.24 acres at the Plymouth Street recreation area from Nancy Udall
  • Acquistion of Scott-Goyea Farm
  • Acquistion of 109 acres in Great Woods

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